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United in our love for wine

Every glass of von Kesselstatt wine enjoyed by our customers around the world is the product of great teamwork. Togetherness is the crucial to coaxing world-class, award-winning wines from every vintage. In our endeavour, we try to honour Annegret Reh-Gartner’s memory and remain true to ourselves as we have done for decades – as a welcoming, warm, down-to-earth winery whose people share a deep love for wine and a passion for quality. None of our team could easily imagine a world without wine. And this sentiment shines through in everything we do – from picking our grapes and ensuring that our wines receive the care and attention they need, to farming our vineyards sustainably and forging close, committed relationships with our customers at home and abroad.

  • Wolfgang Mertes

    Managing Director - Oenology, Controlling
    Tel +49 (0) 6500 9169 0
  • Mona Steffen

    Managing Director - Sales National/International, Marketing
    Tel +49 (0) 6500 9169 0
  • Michael Weber

    Managing Director - Viticulture, Sales International
    Tel +49 (0) 6500 9169 0


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