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  • Josephshof

    Mosel Graach

    Estate Josephshof at the Mosel, below Bernkastel. Only the Imperial count Kesselstatt is allowed to use the name "Josephshöfer".

  • Domklausenhof

    Mosel Piesport

    Estate Piesport at the Mosel with the well-known vineyard-sites Goldtröpfchen, Falkenberg, Treppchen, Laychen.

  • Abteihof

    Saar Oberemmel

    Estate Oberemmel at the Saar with the well-known vineyard-sites: Rosenberg, Agritiusberg, Scharzberg, Rauler, Euchariusberg and Braunfels in the districts: Oberemmel, Wiltingen, Crettnach and Niedermennig.

  • St. Irminenhof

    Ruwer Kasel

    Estate Casel, at the Ruwer, a tributary of the Mosel, immediately below Trier, with the famous vineyard-sites: Kernagel, Nieschen, Hitzlay, Höcht.

Foto Annegret Reh-Gartner
In memoriam

Annegret Reh-Gartner

When Günther Reh bought our winery in 1978, his daughter Annegret Reh-Gartner developed a passion for wine and decided to enter the as yet still male-dominated winemaking profession. Reh-Gartner would go on to guide the fortunes of our venerable estate expertly and tirelessly for three decades from 1983 to 2016. Her total commitment to quality, and her worldwide connections, helped to earn us the reputation that we enjoy today.

We also owe much to her decision to downsize the estate to 50 hectares, which allowed us to significantly improve sorting in the vineyard as well as post-harvest grape handling.

Reh-Gartner was especially conscious of her role in promoting German Riesling abroad, and of the well-being of her staff. As such, we feel obliged and driven to continue the legacy she left us when she passed away in 2016.

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